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Dual Immersion Preschool:

An English and Spanish Approach to Multilingualism

In today's global society, being multilingual is a valuable skill. One effective way to foster this skill in young children is through a dual immersion preschool program. This approach combines two languages, in this case, English and Spanish, into the daily curriculum.


What is Dual Immersion?

Dual immersion is an educational model where students learn two languages at the same time. In a dual immersion preschool, half of the day is spent learning in English, and the other half is spent learning in Spanish. This method allows children to become fluent in both languages.

Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood

We proudly care for our military families by providing comprehensive child care  (MCCYN). 


Full-Inclusion child care in our early care and education program.  

about the staff

Our team is not only experienced but also credentialed by the Commission on Teaching. This credentialing ensures that our staff meets high standards of professional competence in the field of early childhood education. They are committed to creating an enriching learning environment that supports each child's unique needs and potential.   Seventy five percent of our staff are native Spanish speakers.  join us in our mission to provide a comprehensive early education that prepares children for a global society. With our experienced staff and commitment to bilingualism, we're confident in the positive impact we can make on your child's early learning experience.

What Parents Think

LGCC is not just a childcare center. It’s a second family! You can’t put a price on the peace of mind when taking your child to LGCC!" -Rachel H. 
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